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Indonesia Is A Terrorist State – Westpapuanews.Org

Indonesia Is A Terrorist State

The TPNPB OPM News: A Respone By TPNPB OPM Diplomatic Board.

Happy Birth Day For TPNPB OPM and Bye Bye for Indonesia.

On this day, 26 March, The TPNPB OPM was born in the liberated territory of West Papua. Before the global anti terrorist unit born, the TPNPB OPM already was born. This is our message for our global supporter all around the world and international government, that our concept has tested on our struggle in the field nearly a half century. It was begun since colonialism existed in our nation, it was good propose of our freedom, it was based on good faith on the United Nations Charter and UN Resolution 1514. You can get your freedom by any means, this point already stipulated on the Charter of the UN. Because of that, Ducth prepared our West Papuan own defence and security corps in 1960s in order to their own way of preparation the Territory to given independence despite they missed their promise unfortunately. After Ducth left, former member of Ducth created Papuan Defence corps formed The TPNPB, it is our history, Ducth and UN knew it.

On this historic day, West Papuan was shocked with Indonesian government official statement on media that they are planning to give an official endorsement and justification toward the TPNPB OPM as terrorist organ. This is their culture, this is their attitude, this is their discrimination against Papuan who looking our ultimate freedom through war of national liberation that been taking several decades until today. The TPNPB OPM is Papuan principal body of independence, Peak or Parental body represents entire Papuan and it’s organisations who working to achieve our key goal. You can see now how big emotional reaction made by Papuan groups by critising to the Jakarta Goverment on your missjugment. As Indonesia discriminated us that Papuan are not united but you were wrong, we are still united that is why now many Papuan groups, everybody love their parental body, which is TPNPB and OPM then we altogether hit back you Indonesia. When you hated The TPNPB OPM then you will be hated back by entire independence groups, native papuan people and our solidarity groups globally.

The TPNPB OPM has seen a good record on maintaining international humanitarian principle on our national liberation war against this new Indonesian colonialism. Our Papua freedoom fighters protecting all non-combatant groups, protecting civilians both native Papuan and migrant, did not use any internationally banned war equipment at all etc. We welcomed 11 International NGOs who made report about armed conflict on current U.N Human Rights Council Session in Geneva. The TPNPB OPM as key Combatant, we allow any UN body come to us and see us what our doing, we can be honest who are we, we are ready if we are wrong and bring to International criminal court. Therefore, Indonesia must to ratify International covenant on the Roma Statuta of the International criminal court.

Indonesian misinterpreting the definition of global anti terrorist agenda with their dirty ambition and unjust manner. They are planning to use anti terrorist fund from overseas to wipe out politically marginalised people of West Papuan. Indonesia will not convince to the public international, foreign government and your counterpart who against us now. The world are watching because you are core backer country for ISIS, everyday since 1963 until today been terrorising native Papuan. Therefore,TNI and Polri became terrorist body. We have multiple evidence based resources, every individual Papuan have our own experiences under your terrorism practices, Indonesia cannot lie your own bad mood, the world and truth already know it before your announcement. We will be waiting your action first, on behalf of The TPNPB OPM Diplomatic Board would not be happy and we will also declare that Indonesia is Terrorist State.

By: Awak media The TPNPB OPM.

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