Indonesia used Poisoning cake to murderous Papuan in Timka

Westpapuanews.Org , Tembagapura-Timika: Today another West Papuan found dead. It was reported around at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 9/9/2020 Papuan murderous systematically by Indonesian undercover military and police last week after Indonesia criminal regime dropping 450 Indonesian military (24/8/2020) into West Papua for missive operation biological war being used to killing any indigenous West Papuans so Indonesia fascist government can successfully murderous any Papuans without being notices by international communities of slow on genocide by biological war which is used poisoned Papuan dead after consuming cake sold by indonesian cafe owned by Indonesian.

This modules operations it is not surprising because every colonialiser used same tactics to kill and murderous every Indigenous people to wipe them out from their land which same experience people of Palestine.

The victim’s identity is unknown and the people still looking for his family.

The man died after consuming cakes bought from non-Papuan traders in the Timika area. Until now the identity of the victim is not known.

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