Joko Widodo, Paulus Waterpauw and Ignatius Yogo Triyono Mastermind of 1,000 Refugees in Intan Jaya

More than 1, 000  West Papuan civilian refuge to the Catedral of St. Mikael Bilogani Chatholic Church and others flee to the jungle from Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police brutality.

Fascist Kapolda Papua Paulus Waterpauw and Terrorist Pangdam Cenderawasih Ignatius Yogo Triyono continued to create the violence for their own interest and benefits for their ranks to get promotion in the hierarchy of Indonesian national security. Two of hierarchy military and police masterminds of the cold blood murderers of the three youth innocent civilians and 1,000 refugees in Intan Jaya since 15th February 2021. Paulus Waterpauw got promotion today from Indonesia National Police in Jakarta with new position of the Head of the Indonesian National Police Intelligence Department for successfully arrested 13 KNPB activist, Naftali Tipagau a secretary of KNPB Intan Jaya, torturing Papuan students in Nabire, killed indigenous Pastor of Catholic Churchshot death 3 High School students in ilaga – Puncak Papua, and killed a vicar Jeremiah Zanambani in Intan Jaya.

Intan Jaya  About 1,000 West Papuan civilians  from four villages in Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, took refuge in the Pastoral Complex of St. Mikael Bilogai Catholic Church and fled to the jungles. They  were displaced for fear of becoming victims of Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police always intimidated them for so long since 1963, but people never ever felt fear and scare of West Papuan true freedom fighter (TPNPB) always love their people, respect their people all entire Intan Jaya because TPNPB fight for depender motherland from indonesia criminal regime who illegally occupied West Papua. TPNPB/Freedom Fighter  always love their people, people every village know that they are fighting for independence to be free from Indonesia colonialism.

Indonesia fascist military, terrorist police and Indonesia’s criminal regime labeled  our true Freedom Fighter are armed criminal groups or KKB or separatis. As we know in the history of the struggle of the people of Palestine against Illegal Israeli settlers at Gaza, West Bank.  Kashmiri struggle against the India coloniser and fascism. Rise up for Rojava against fascist Turkey regime. Hawaii struggled against the American illegal occupation for more than 100 years where all of the oppressors labeled independence struggle with negative image while who is a real colonisers, occupiers, murderous, terrorist and criminal. Of course, Joko Widodo so pleased to slaughtered black people of Melanesian etnic in West Papua. Joko Widodo given order to fascist Kapolda Papua Paulus Waterpauw and terrorist Pangdam Cenderawasih Ignatius Yogo Triyono continue to killed people of West Papua for expansion of business palm oils plantation, new mining operation company will operate in Intan Jaya because fascist Kapolda Papua Paulus Waterpauw already signed MoU with Freeport McMoran for billion dollars deal in security service for mining multinational cooperation with maximum profits   

Responding to this, the Papua Provincial Government  admitted that until now they had difficulty getting refugee because Paulus Waterpauw given order to his soldier that every official government not allowed to enter or visiting them because fascist military, terrorist police and criminal Indonesia state dirty operation will be exposed even the telecom (mobile signal or telephone cutoff as well. Indonesian criminal state only provided money, foods, transportation only for the military equipment, while people in refugees want basic needs for instance, foods, health services, and education for the children. This situation beneficial and making maximum profits for police and military to have trillion rupiah for military equipments, bonuses making money while covid-19 pandemic from International monetary funds for expenses of operational costs, travel costs , accommodation costs, become huge big business among Indonesian politicians, state actors, ministers get money from people bloods in the name of security, nation interest but actually interest of the criminal regime of the Joko Widodo Asean killer of the year 2021, fascist Kapolda Papua Paulus Waterpauw got promoted after successfully sold out his own people for the positions and money. Paulus Waterpauw true dracula in Indonesia only killed Papuans to get the ranks as same thing with all Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police wanted get high ranks in military or police commissioners, then West Papua, Achech, Ambon, and Timor Leste as “Works Placement”. 

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