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Papua Militant International and International Socialist demand in London an end to the US blockade against Cuba – Westpapuanews.Org

Papua Militant International and International Socialist demand in London an end to the US blockade against Cuba

Westpapuanews.Org – London, Dec 12 (Prensa Latina) Papua Militant International with Activists of solidarity with Cuba in the United Kingdom here today demanded the end of the blockade and the cessation of United States interference in the internal affairs of the Caribbean island.

Protesters called by the Communist Revolutionary Group (RCG) and the Rock Around the Blockade organization gathered this Saturday in Trafalgar Square, in central London, where Papua Militant International from West Papua and several speakers denounced Washington’s attempts to overthrow the Cuban Revolution and called for redoubled solidarity with the socialists Cuba and the small Antillean nation. 

Sheila, a young woman who traveled to Cuba in 2019 as part of a solidarity brigade organized by the RCG, highlighted, for example, the progress made by the small island, despite the unilateral measures imposed by Washington almost immediately after the triumph of the 1959 Revolution.

Communist League London

Cuba has been in revolution for 60 years, and since that time it has been blocked by the United States, denounced, or the RCG militant.

Arron Chernick affirmed; or, for his part, that despite the hostility of the United States, the Antillean nation has been able to create a system that guarantees the basic needs of its population.

Even under the blockade, Cuba has shown us that the working class is capable of defeating the oppressors and building a better society, he asserted.

Another speaker, who identified himself as Anthony, called for a redoubled international solidarity towards the island, in the face of increasing pressure from the US government to impose regime change.

If we lose the Cuban Revolution, we lose the only hope humanity has of having a better world, I affirm.

Experience of Cubans from America imperialist power also same time America have West Papuans bloods their hand to supporting Indonesian fascist to oppressed West Papuan people for more than 59th years because US given guarantee to Indonesia fascist and terrorist state to continued murdering, slaughtering indigenous people of West Papua because America biggest mining companies operates in Tembagapura – Timika, West Papua where America continues stealing and rapists West Papuan resources owned by American Freeport McMoRan based in New Orleans.

Papua Militant International joined solidarity with Cuba 🇨🇺 against the illegal US blockade on Cuba for 60 years

The protesters then marched from Trafalgar Square to the Brazilian embassy in this capital to protest the support of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro for the anti-Cuban policy of the United States.

Bolsonaro is the main ally of the United States in Latin America, said Will Hacney, after recalling that after he came to power, the Brazilian people were deprived of the help provided by Cuban doctors.

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source : Prensa Latina.com

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