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26 Years Still no justice for Biak Massacre victims

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Protest commemoration Justice for Biak Massacred in Melbourne Australia

On 6 July 1998, West Papuans demonstrating for independence on the island of Biak, West Papua, were murdered by Indonesian military and police and large numbers were detained.

Today, on the 26th anniversary, we remember the victims of those tragic events and repeat our demand for justice. To date, the Indonesian authorities continue to refuse to investigate what happened or to prosecute those responsible. Time may have passed, but the guilty perpetrators remain at large.

Until the Indonesian Government takes proper steps to address the matter, the international community would be right to recognise Indonesia as a sponsor of state killings, in this case of a defenceless protest. This is a criminal act under international law that must not go unrecognised[i].

What happened on that day has been pieced together over the years. One early report by Human Rights Watch remains a key document. Here are some excerpts that describe what happened on that fateful day:

“The long-awaited attack took place at 5:00 a.m. on July 6. Troops from Battalion 733 Pattimura, stationed at the air force base at Manuhua aided local forces, and were reinforced by troops from two warships, a logistics ship called Waigeo and another with a registration number of 108. The troops opened fire from four sides. Witnesses reported that five civilians who were already on the ground prone were deliberately shot.

Soldiers were all over the hospital, and a nurse on duty said her superior was ordered not to say anything about anyone having died. She also told Human Rights Watch that when an army truck drew up to the hospital entrance with some of the wounded, the latter were just pushed off the truck.

source: Free West Papua Campaign

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