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Indonesian Fascist Military and Terrorist Police (TNI-POLRI) started shooting at school, health center and set the fire ? to the Papua Bank in Kiwirok

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TNI POLRI started shooting at the school building and health center and Indonesian terrorist military then set the fire ? to the Papua Bank building, Post office building, school building and few resident’s house

So far, the Indonesian terrorist military and police (TNI POLRI) are the main actor who has carried out ? burned downs those public buildings” said eyewitnesses at the scene this morning to us.

Today is September 13, 2021
Fighting guns fire of war between the Independent West Papuan Freedom Fighter (TPNPB-OPM) Kodap Ngalum Kupel and against the terrorist criminal Indonesian military and fascist police (TNI-Polri) Troops at in the morning at 09:30am the West Papuan Freedom Fighter destroyed Indonesian distric military based (Koramil) Kiwirok District, Pengunungan Bintang Regency by
the leadership of the Freedom Fighter Revolutionary commander TPNPB-OPM of Kodap Ngalum Kupel , Temkonki Uopdana and the commander of the Meme Battalion Operations Elly Bidana.

While the Indonesian fascist military runs away because scared of the Freedom Fighter Revolutionary Army demanding their friends being arrested by Indonesian racist military and terrorist police few weeks ago, but the Indonesian terrorist military refused and not meet their demand in diplomatic way, event though Freedom Fighter Revolutionary Army TPNPB have sent the letter requested to release their member.

The fighting guns fire ? still continue from this morning until now

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