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Sounds of Police fired more than a dozen shots Black West Papuans Students

Sounds of Indonesian Armed Forces (Indonesian National Army/POLRI (Indonesian Republic Police) against the Student Oration Platform.

Today, Monday, September 28, 2020 The Combined Indonesian National Police Force entered the old University Campus in Abepura with gun shots. With the sound of forceful gunfire, the Combined Army / Police Force forcibly dispersed the mass of Papuan students who were protesting against Special Autonomy Volume II, in front of the gate of the Cenderawasih University Abepura Jayapura, West Papua.

Indonesian troops also entered the old campus of Cendewasih University. Meanwhile, the new campus of Cenderawasih University, a combined TNI / POLRI troop with fully equipped weapons is getting ready.

According to the initial report, 4 students were arrested by the security forces. Silencing of the the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly wherever Indonesia government tried to cover-up racist, brutality against West Papuan students in the same time on going of United Nations meeting.

Indonesian racists policies continue intimidating and torturing West Papua event though just peaceful protest and marching for refuse Indonesia racist special autonomy. However, Indonesia continues killing West Papuan because Black race from African ancestors as what happened the incident of Black Lives Matter in America being abused and treated subhuman.

This is a video of Indonesia racist Police and military fires into peaceful West Papuan students protest

Please all your advocates for this situation.