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Dear young people,

You, dear youth who have given the most fêdakar (selfless), bravest and greatest martyrs of the People of Kurdistan!

First of all, I want to emphasize that our Party, the PKK, is a youth party. As never before in the history of any people, our party is still fighting, heroizing and winning as a youth party. It is our ambition to turn you, our youth, into freedom fighters. They want to shoot and slaughter our people at a young age, before they even start their lives. Without giving us a chance to grow old and mature.

They want to shoot us in the spring of our youth. Of course, we will hit this with this great power, consciousness and alertness of our youth. We have no other choice. When I, like you, started this alone, we didn’t care who was behind us, how big the enemy was, or even who was behind us. What was most important for us, what was most necessary for us, was not to deny our people, but to claim the identity of our people, and even if we were alone, we were going to say what we knew it as all right, to fight against an army, to fight for what we knew was right and to win. We did this, and today you see that even if it starts with one person, the victory of this work cannot be prevented.

If we are to win, we will win everything with youth

For us, youth is the basis of death, resurrection and therefore salvation. If we cannot win our youth, our people are dead and cannot do anything. If we are to win, we will win everything with youth. There is no other way but this one. For this, we must insist on youth until the end. For this, I stopped time myself from ‘growing’ until the end. I stopped it so that time would not move forward. Until youth wins, until youth lives free… And I continue to do so.

We must protect our motherland. We must not forget that even though the name of our country is because they want it to be erased from the book of humanity, this is the oldest country of humanity, the country of fire and sun. It is the country where the first gods and goddesses emerged. It is a country where the first people created civilization, a country where the first people laid all kinds of foundations for humanity. Today this country is in ruins. They have scattered you all over the world with a great game as if you will never be able to live. Certainly, this was a great oppression, torture and then to leave this country empty without you, without us, it was a game imposed against our sacred national liberation struggle that we have developed especially in the last 10-15 years.

Humanity has grown in this cradle, paradise has been created in this geography

They wanted to scatter us all over the world, first by torture, then by starvation. Now, as a respond to this and as a necessity to reverse this reality, we will love our country to the end. This is the cradle of humanity and in all religious books it is considered the paradise of humanity. Humanity has grown in this cradle and paradise has been created in this geography. We will never lose this hope. I must tell you right away that we were abroad just like you. I have been abroad for twenty years, but I have created this country in my mind and heart. I would like to state that I am with you until the end, and I say again that I will never let myself grow old, this shows how committed we are to you. We started young, we will finish young. There is no other way, no other form. I want to state that I am at the service of you young people until the end. For us, if life is to be accepted, it will be accepted on the basis of being free in our country, we will not recognize any other life. We will stop time and put free life in it. On this basis, I say that we are with you in this openness.

You are never alone. The greatest unity for us is the unity of being together with you free fighting youth spirit. I believe very well that I draw all my strength from this convinced youth of yours, and we have believed in this until now, and we have succeeded with this. In this regard, the leadership is the combination of whatever values you have in your hearts, whatever sparks of consciousness you have in your minds, their combination, their enlightenment and their absolute will. Apart from this, there is no Leadership. In other words, the Leadership is your passion for freedom and your sparks of consciousness. You are the leadership. Once again, on this basis, I greet you all with all my enthusiasm, I wish you great success and my love.

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