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Fighting between the TPNPB (West Papua Freedom Fighters and the TNI Kriminal (Indonesian National Army).

Good morning, good sunday. From West Papua I sent 4 videos of the conflict between the TPNPB (West Papua National Liberation Army) and the TNI (Indonesian National Army).

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1. The first video is TPNPB burning TNI/Polri Posts in Intan Jaya Regency on November 14, 2021.

A new video has been circulated by members of the TNI in the past few days.

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2. In the second and third videos, TNI members with TNI helicopters are evacuating victims in Suru-Suru District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua, Friday 3/12/2021.

The shooting contact between TNI and TPNPB resulted in one TNI personnel being shot dead and another being injured.
The victims who died were Second Sergeant (Serda) Putra Rahadi and Chief Private (Praka) Suheri who suffered gunshot wounds in the gunfight.

3. The fourth video is a member of the TNI using a helicopter belonging to the TNI while scattering fire wildly from the air at the Civilian Settlement in Suru-suru, Yahukimo Regency.
Many civilians fled.

We need to say that:

1. There is still a conflict of resistance between the TPNPB and the TNI/POLRI (Republic of Indonesia Police) in 7 regencies in the territory of West Papua, namely:

1).Yahukimo District
2). Intan Jaya Regency,
3). Bintang Mountains Regency, 5). Nduga and . District
6). Peak District
7). Maybrat-Sorong Regency.

2. Due to the conflict and military operations of the TNI, 60,000 Papuan civilians have been displaced.

3. TNI and Polri troops continue to be expanded from Indonesia to West Papua which has resulted in civilians in 6 conflict areas and Papua experiencing trauma, fear and intimidation.

4. Thus, we can convey this update from Jayapura West Papua. Please support all parties.