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Papua Militant International and Scientists for Extinction Rebellion (S4XR) Tell the truth about 2,275 Papuan Refugees in Maybrat Regency

Scientists for Extinction Rebellion (S4XR) and Papua Militant International in London

Papua Militant joined Scientists for Extinction Rebellion (S4XR) were printing imagery and slogans onto their white labs coats to express their deep concern about the climate and ecological emergency.

Extinction Rebellion has three demands. The first of which is to TELL THE TRUTH about the climate and ecological emergency. This TRUTH has not been reported, even though it has been known for at least three decades now. People cannot understand, nor act, on that which is kept from them. The governments and media of the world have a duty to TELL THE TRUTH about the climate and ecological emergency.

I also feel as a scientist and a human being, that there can be no climate justice without social justice at the heart of this movement. TELLING THE TRUTH also applies to the situation in West Papua, where people have their liberties suppressed and lives brutally ended. West Papauns deserve our support in their struggle for freedom and the right to be form their own government.

TELL THE TRUTH about what is happening to West Papuans refugees because Indonesian military operation in Maybrat Regency, Puncak Papua Regency, Intan Jaya Regency, Nduga Regency.

The number of refugees in Maybrat Regency from 2nd September to 16th September 2021 more than   2,275 people are still at the forests, including there are 69 children under five years old. All of them fled to the forests until now. They are in Aifat Raya, Maybrat, West Papua at the moment. However number of refugees 5O,000 since Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police launched military operations at the few Regency (Nduga, Intan Jaya, Puncak Papua, Banti – Timika, Maybrat).

We must all stand together for our shared values of respect for all life and and our shared humanity.


Scientists for Extinction Rebellion (S4XR)
London Southwark Extinction Rebellion Communities Group Coordinator

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