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Timor-Leste Racist Government Arrested 16 Timorese for Support Free West Papua in Dili

16 Timorese Political Prisoners in Tmor

Timor-Leste: This is serious shocking news when Timor Leste government not allowed Freedom of Expression and Freedom of speech when people of Timorese stood up for Free West Papua today. There’s no democracy in Timor Leste and The Timor Leste government given order to arrest 16 Timorese.

Daftar Nama-nama yang di tahan di Dili Timor Leste pada 04 September 2020. Terkait aksi mendukung Papua Merdeka.

1 Julito Benivides
2 Krybo D’lasema
3 Mardu Maubere
4 Deonizion Martins Soares
5 Edy Capitan
6 July kaibosi
7 Juliao
8 Juvan
9 Elizeu
10 Ajai laubey
11 Moeses da costa
12 Ferdy
13 Sikitu trailer
14 Adasi
15 Nelivo
16 Zelio.

Please Share and expose that Timor Leste is racist government put their own citizens into jail because supporting for Free West Papua event taking place in Timor Leste today’s