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TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama resolution fight for Free West Papua

“As recognised by former OPM freedom fighter and scholar, Otto Ondawame, the use of arms and any other available means by the West Papuan people is here stated an ‘inherent right’. The guerrilla warfare, waged by the West Papuan people since 1965, may therefore be considered legitimate under General Assembly Resolution 2621(XXV).

[r]eaffirms the inherent right of colonial peoples to struggle by all necessary means at their disposal against colonial Powers which suppress their aspiration for freedom and independence.

Part 3(2) of Resolution 2621(XXV) states that

‘Member States shall render all necessary moral and material assistance to the peoples of colonial Territories in their struggle to attain freedom and independence’.

Part 3 thus advocates for Members of the United Nations to provide ‘material assistance’ to the people of West Papua — which may include military hardware and intervention — to yet again remove the Indonesian armed forces from an illegally occupied Non-Self-Governing Territory.”

Extract from Julian King’s peer reviewed published paper

video of statement TPNPB:

Thank you on behalf of our ancestors, land, sky, and earth as well as deep appreciation to the TPNPB fighters who have and coninuing held resistance for liberation in Mapenduma since our parents generations and come to our generations now who are continuing this struggle on behalf of our fallen heroes such as our fallen Freedom Fighter TPNPB Daniel Yudas Kogoya, Kelly Kwalik, Titus Murip, for their sacrifice their life tob fighting for an Independent West Papua

Therefore on behalf of the Regional Commander of Kodap III covering the Air, Sea and Land starting point from the city of Wamena to city of Manpenduma we are ready to continue fight against Indonesia Indonesia regime until the last drop of blood and Free West Papua!

Second, the building the road Trans Papua Roads starts from the Nduga district directly to Wamena city.

I am as the commander of the general operations of the Nduga region. We are ready to fight against Indonesia military.

Finally Our greetings from the leadership of West Papua National Liberation army TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama, namely:

  1. Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya as Commander of Kodap III Ndugama
  2. Pemne Kogeya as chief Operations Commander Kodap III Ndugama Rambo
  3. Tiruan Nuwindi Lokbere as Expertise of staps and specialists of TNPB for entire West Papua