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West Papua An Issue Whose Time Has Come USA Ellection 2020

The USA votes today, If you are American and support the West Papuan people, you really need to ramp it up and go hard at your government because they have a lot to do with the initial and continual subjugation of the West Papuan people.

It does not matter who wins today because both sides are as corrupt as each other.

It was under the democrat Kennedy that our people’s freedom was taken. We will not forget nor will we let this history remain hidden any longer.

The time has come for the American government and the United Nations to be accountable for their past actions.

The USA likes to promote and preach Democracy but does not practise it In its deeds. According to Noam Chomsky “the United States does indeed back democracy abroad — “if and only if it is consistent with strategic and economic interests.”

Unfortunately for West Papua, the USA already owns the biggest gold mine in the world which is in Timika West Papua, and so the USA does not see it pressing to intervene anymore.

To the American people – “Chomsky pointed out that your chilling records abroad are not the interests of the American people, but of the corporate elite that dominates the country and its policy making. For, he says, the United States is not a democracy, if that word is reserved for a society where the people’s will is done.“ – you have a lot to do not only for yourselves but for people like the West Papuans caught up in your dirty games.

Remember when you are voting – you are not voting for yourselves but for the world too.






source: Free Papua Movement Australia