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3 High School and A Man Indigenous Papuans Shot Death By Indonesian Fascist Military and Criminal Police in Ilaga – Puncak Papua.

3 High School and A Man Indigenous West Papuan Shot Death by Indonesian Fascist Military and Criminal Police in Ilaga – Puncak.

Westpapuanews.Org –  Puncak, West Papua A primary school boy, 3 high-school boys, and a man were shot by Indonesian fascist military and criminal police in a fresh operation over two days. The dead bodies were found a few days ago (23/11/2020). A survivor Maluk Murib testified that the shooters were Indonesian security forces.

Civilians shot dead by fascist Indonesian army in the border of District Gome region and District Agandugume (Ilaga)  when traveling: Wenis Murib (13), a student at Mundirok primary school (SD YPPK Mundidok). Les Modib (19), a high-school student in Gome. Akis Alom (34), a civil servant at an agricultural agency.

After two days of Indonesian terrorist state fake news and propaganda on Indonesia’s racist liar mainstream media, the victims’ families finally found the bodies of four civilians who were shot by the TNI and Polri at Mount Limbaga, yesterday (23/11). The family has stated that Indonesia fascist military and terrorist police should stop spreading hoax news and take responsibility for their crimes  after proudly killing cold blood high school students in Ilaga.

After the fascist Indonesia military and terrorist Brimob officers shot the two students Atanius Murib (17) and Manus Murib (17) at 11.00 (20/11), the hot lead of the security forces again poured the bodies of Akis Alom (34), Wenius Wenda (13), and Gopenus Tabuni ( 19) at the same place, at 12.00 WIB, when the three of them crossed the road from Agandugume subdistrict  to Gome subdistrict –  Ilaga region.

Manus Murib, who is currently being treated at the Mimika Regency Hospital, revealed that the perpetrator was a joint military and Brimob apparatus in full uniform. When he was shot, said Manus, the authorities put pistols on the two victims to be photographed as Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police always propaganda on the media to justify their cold blood killing of West Papuan after they were killed then put Indonesian TNI/POLRI gun on Papuan high school death bodies so Indonesian fascist dan terrorist can exposes their lies on mainstream media, if that is okay to killed West Papuan as Black Melanesian because the world cannot notify  and Maluk Murib  managed to escape to the from Indonesian fascist military and Indonesian terrorist police brutality.

Westpapuanews.Org – Family victims confirmed to the Westpapuanews.Org that Indonesian fascist Kapolda Papua, Chief of the Papua Provincial criminal and killers Police Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw who are given orders and instrustructed the Puncak District Police to organising for killing before 1st of December as West Papuan Independence Day. It is not surprising for the people of West Papua, if Chiep of the Papuan Police Paulus Waterpauw well known as “Black Drakula” specialist for killing indigenous West Papuan for a plate of rice (greedy for power lick it Jokowi ass) said that “based on the report we have received, the shooting involved an armed criminal group of Indonesian fascist military and terrorist Indonesian police”,  intrustructed by himself.

The family asked Westpapuanews.Org to clarify Indonesian mainstream propaganda and fake news. In the name of justice of my son and victims condemning to the Indonesia fascist President Joko Widodo, Kapolri Indonesia, TNI to stop killing people of West Papua and telling the truth that Indonesian fascist military and criminal police who are responsible of killing in border between Gome subdistrict and Agandugume subdistrict. It is not TPNPB because they are freedom fighters, depending on our motherland from Indonesian annexation and colonisation in West Papua. TPNPB never ever killed high school students because TPNPB fought for them and those high students are future generations. TPNPB or Freedom Fighter fighting to sacrifice their life for them and against Indonesia’s oppressors” said Julianus Murib.

The family has condemned the TNI and POLRI  to take responsibility for this shooting. This is criminal acts against humanity and we urged that this case needs to be investigated and legal proceedings against the authorities who shot our children, even we knew since fascist president Joko Widodo was elected to be Indonesian president. Every fascist military and terrorist police as perpetrators never bring them to justice and every human right abuses in West Papua never ever get their justice under him leadership.