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Breaking News: Indonesian Racist Military Shot Indigenous Pastor Catholic Church Agustinus Duwitau in Sugapa

Westpapuanews.Org – Sugapa Agustinus Duwitau, a pastor of the Roman Catholic Church at Emondi Station, Emondi Village, Sugapa district, was reported to have been shot by Indonesian racist police and military on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

It is shameful and embarrassing tactics Indonesian racist police officer and military officers created the violence while Indonesian students, Union Workers are marching and protesting the neo liberal policy Omnibus Law against Workers rights and exploitation of resources for interests of the investors imperialist power.

Therefore, Indonesian racist police and military taken advantage to creating the causes and violence in West Papua to continue military action justice military operations to kill innocent women’s and children’s after successfully Indonesian racists Military shot dead West Papuan Vicarage Jeremiah Zanambani

Indonesian racists Military shot dead West Papuan Vicarage Jeremiah Zanambani

The West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) Kodap VIII Kemabu Intan Jaya, Hutan Rimba Lawingga, when contacting from Sugapa, confirmed the shooting of being carried out by the Indonesian fascist and racist military. Because, he said, the TPNPB members were very far away in the forest while only Indonesian military and police occupied entire roads and cities area in fact we were Sugapa. It is far from the scene.

In fact, Lawingga another witness his heard gunshots in the morning from the Sokopaki airport, Bilogai, Intan Jaya.

“We are indeed in Sugapa. We heard gunfire this morning from the airport. We heard that one shepherd got shot. And I confirm that it is not from the TPNPB members, “he said. We believed that Indonesian racist police and military allays created violence, always intimidating, terrorising us event we are very, very traumatised by their present in our district, because they treated us subhuman. We cannot forget 19 September 2020 Indonesian fascist military shot dead our PastorJeremiah Zanambani.

Until this news was broadcast, the victim was being evacuated from the location where he was found to be taken to the hospital.