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Indonesian racists Military shot dead West Papuan Vicarage Jeremiah Zanambani

Initial Report of the Shooting of God’s Servant, Pastor
Jeremiah Zanambani.

  1. Name of the victim

Name of Victim: Pastor Yeremia Zanambani, S. Th.

Age: 63 years

  1. The doer

The victim who was allegedly shot dead was a member of the racist TNI (Military Indonesian) in Hitadipa Village. (IST)

  1. Chronology of events

On Saturday 19 September, Pdt. Jeremiah and his wife went to Bomba [the pig pen] to feed the cattle.

After feeding the cattle, his wife invited Pdt. Jeremiah to come home. However, Pdt. said he was still waiting for his cattle to eat first. So that his wife left for home first.

The victim was found on September 20, 2020. According to witness testimony on September 21, he said that after being shot and slashed for 5 hours the victim was still alive and had testified that he was shot by a TNI member.

The family tried to save Rev. Jeremiah’s life but were not helped.

The victim died on September 20, 2020.

  1. The situation after the shooting

After the shooting, the body of the late Jeremiah was escorted to his house to do joint grief but was restricted and prohibited by members of the TNI.

After the incident, many residents fled to the forest and 8 churches in the Hitadipa District area were closed, not doing worship. All the people fled to the forest ”. Until now the community is traumatized and tense.

  1. Position of service of the deceased during his life
  2. GKII Papua Regional Advisory III.
  3. Author and translator of the Bible into the Moni-Migani language.
  4. The head of the STA school as well as the STA / STP Hitadipa teacher
  5. Former head of the Hitadipa classic for one period.
  6. The deceased had completed his bachelor’s degree at STT Walter Post Sentani, Jayapura.

Thus this initial report was made. The Lord Jesus and the Holy Angels welcomed Father Pdt. Jeremiah in Heaven.