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Criminal Indonesia Police Officer Kapolda Papua Mathius D Fakhiri Terrorising and Abused the President of Gospel Tabernacle (KINGMI) Bishop of Dr. Benny Giay in Jayapura

JAYAPURA – TODAY Monday, 16/8/2021

President of Gospel Tabernacle (KINGMI) in West Papua Bishop of Dr. Benny Giay being intimidating and being abused by Indonesia criminal police lead by Kapolda Papua Mathius D. Fakhiri blockade peaceful protest rally for 2 years Anniversary of #IndonesiaRacistDay, called West Papuan are #Monkey from Africa since 16th August 2019 until now 16th August 2021 .

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Few eyeswitness confirm that they have sent permission letter to the Indonesia racist police before 3 days in advanced as requested by low. But the Indonesian Fascist police brutalising peaceful protest and did not allow civilians to meet their official members of Parliament in Jayapura today

Event just only peaceful pray outside of the Parliament building where all the member of Parliament already happy to welcoming them but Indonesia racist police get directed order from Indonesian fascist Head of national Intelligence and security Paulus Waterpauw provocateur.

There’s no justice and right to protest, assembly and give a speech because Indonesia terrorist state under militaristic and barbaric rules.

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