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Facts of West Papuan Guerrilla (TPNPB) Shooting Dead 16 of Indonesian special units KOPASUS in Mugi District, Nduga Regency – Papua

Facts of TPNPB West Papuan Guerrilla Shooting Dead 16 of Indonesian special units KOPASUS in Mugi District, Nduga Regency – Papua

Press Release by the Central Headquarters Management of the National Command of West Papua National Liberation Army As of May 3th 2023

The Management Controller for the National Command Headquarters of West Papua National Liberation Army – Free Papua Organisation under the Chief of General Staff of TPNPB Major General Terryanus Satto got received report by Perek Kogeya via cell phone and said that we had shot 16 Indonesian terrorist military TNI KOPASUS, that was true information and not a hoax as Indonesian coloniser mainstream media exposed since liberation war on going until now.
Indonesian colonial mainstream media telling regarding of the coloniser points of view lies to the Indonesian public citizen, West Papuan, and international communities deny it all allegations and blamed on West Papuan Guerilla (TPNPB West Papuan Freedom Fighters). Therefore, we presented the facts and evidence from in the field to counters Indonesian colonial fascist state government for lying to feeling guilty that West Papuan guerrilla TPNPB used traditional weapons with few stolen guns against the Indonesia terrorist military training, supports, financed by Australia, America, Britain, and NATO to take care of Western multinationals cooperation companies such as RioTinto, British Petroleum, Black Rock, Unilever exploited West Papuan resources. Including Western imperialism provides weapons to Indonesian fascist state coloniser to wipe out black people’s of West Papuan, Melanesian races in West Papua.

Therefore on this basis evidence we would like to provides the facts in the field few pictures of Indonesian terrorist military TNI occupier who were shot dead by West Papuan guerrilla (TPNPB), including successful taken all the Indonesian fascist military equipments.

However, one of the pictures to proofs regarding the 16 Indonesian coloniser military TNI members were killed, and this report was sent directly from the field Ndugama, Derakma (TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama). We attach four photos in this press release. So International communities can be updated and give us support that our recisten against the Indonesia colonialism in West Papua which is similar liberation struggle of the Palestinians against the Israeli Apartheid State coloniser, Kurdistan liberation struggle against Turkey colonialism, Iran colonialism, Syria colonialism, and Iraq colonialism in Kurdistan. Balochistan recisten against the Pakistan colonialism, Afghanistan colonialism, and Iran colonism. Kashmir liberation struggle against India colonialism. Western Sahara 🇪🇭 struggled against Morocco colonialism. Haiti and Hawaii against the USA imperialism. We are all united in one struggle against colonialism, imprealism, racisms, and occupiers on our Indigenous lands

Free Kurdistan, Free West Papua, and Free Palestine 🇵🇸 in London protest of Free Mumia Abu Jamal and Black Lives Matter

Please follow the TPNPB KODAP III Ndugama Derakma report below!!!

Update report on the shooting of the Indonesian terrorist Kopasus on 22nd April 2023, which was updated on May 3, 2023, today.

Chronology of the news, we provided few pictures to be known by the Indonesian public nationally and internationally throughout the world as well as by the Indonesian people.

We are announcing this, which is that Indonesian citizens need to know what the realities that’s Indonesian government didn’t want you to know. Indonesian military and police officials always commit public deception and denied every information regarding of the liberation struggle of West Papuan guerrilla (TPNPB) where are the Indonesia coloniser Commander had hidden the deaths of 16 Indonesia military TNI to the public from their relatives families. Imagine how the Israeli government lies of the Palestinians recisten, Turkey government lies of the Kurdish recisten, Srilangka government lies of Eeelam Tamil those are examples of the colonisers and occupiers government with their mainstream media telling the fakes news.

However we know that Indonesia terrorist regime’s government is panicked and embarrassed because the Indonesian fascist elite troops training by the Western imperialists had been shot dead by West Papuan guerrilla TPNPB troops who had depender of the West Papua mother land and our mother earth always be our side.


March 25th, 2023, early in the morning at 01.00 am the Indonesian Security Forces (the National military) or terrorist military Kopasus carried out an attack on the Esa Mam village at Mugi District Headquarters post, Nduga Regency, in the incident resulting in 2 West Papuan guerrilla TPNPB being shot, 1 died on the spot his on name was Wisurul Gwijangge, position/rank of Mam Battalion Commander , and the other one was injured, his name Emepben Gwijangge (it is confirmed that they are brothers).

In this incident, the Indonesian terrorists Kopasus were also shot, a 7-month pregnant West Papuan woman. Her is Adena Karunggu, and her 3 years child were also killed, and this is truly barbaric because pregnant women and children were also killed. This is true cruel assassination on West Papuan women and children. The pregnant woman and her 3 years daughter had nothing to do with West Papuan guerrilla, but both of them just innocent civilians who are lives far away and different villages from West Papuan guerrilla As known, every occupier, colonisers, and oppressor always justified killed innocent women and children if they couldn’t find a guerilla freedom fighters unsuccessful, then murdered innocent pregnant women with her 3 years daughter. It is acts of true terrorists and facism done by the Indonesian facist military and Indonesia terrorist state regime’s Joko Widodo fascist dictator.

The Commander Chief West Papuan guerrilla Kodap III Ndugama-Derakma, Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya, has reported this incident from the commanding officer headquarters III NDUGAMA DERAKMA, who stated that he would take retaliatory measures for the Indonesian terrorist military, while
we were holding the Susi Air pilot, a New Zealand nationality, I had ordered my guerrilla not allowed to shoot at the Indonesian terrorist Police and Indonesian fascist military while I hold New Zealand pilot hostage with his safety.

We have demanded peaceful negotiation with the Indonesian criminal government of Joko Widodo fascist dictator to sit down for the negotiations to returning the New Zealand pilot safety measures and Indonesia is a coloniser in West Papua. We demand that the Indonesia coloniser terrorist state need to leave West Papua and recognise our national independence state as equal rights to self-determination from the Indonesia illegal occupation and annexation in West Papua since 1963.

We have also read news in the media where the New Zealand government through their representatives told the Indonesian government not to carry out a massive military operation, because according to them it would endanger New Zealand citizens who were being held hostage at the TPNPB-OPM KODAP III Nduga Derakma headquarters.
TPNPB Regional Defence Command III Ndugana Derakma also reported to us through our communication tools, satellite phones, drone cameras, and many other Indonesia terrorist military equipments. We had successfully seized them. We are still studying them and will updates soon because our situation is still in the middle of war and Indonesia terrorist military used helicopter, hotjets to bombings us with rockets, grenade launcher from the sky while continuing suppressing us shooting everywhere on the ground as well by the joint forces massive military invasion, operation Indonesian fascist military (TNI) and Indonesian terrorist police (POLRI) are underway in Ndugama right now at the moment while we are speaking.

24/04/2023, the condition of the bodies had decomposed joint Kopassus terrorists had taken some of the corpses of the skull troops, which were approaching to become skulls.
Finally we would like to thanks to the Indonesian citizens, students, activists, and international communities who stands with our revolutionary struggle against the colonialism, occupation, annexation, fight racism, fight Imperialism from West Papua, Kurdistan, Palestine 🇵🇸, Kashmir, Balochistan, Armenia 🇦🇲, Haiti 🇭🇹, Hawaii, Western Sahara 🇪🇭, and every Indigenous resistant. We wish long live national solidarity and international solidarity.

Lastly, We deman the Indonesia coloniser government immediately pick up those Indonesian military already deaths to be send back to their families to burry them respecting manner as human being in their homeland. We have put all their bodies together same places so the Indonesia fascist state can be delivery to their families. As far as we know, Indonesia fascist military only evacuating 5 of the Indonesian military.

Press Release of the Central Headquarters Management of the National Command of TPNPB-OPM as of May 3, 2023, and the Management of the Central Headquarters of the National CommandTPNPB-OPM is responsible for this press release.

Forwarded to all parties by KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM West Papuan guerrilla spokesperson Sebby Sambom, and thank you for your attention and cooperation. Free West Papua and long live the International solidarity ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏽✊🏿

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