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Grassroots for West Papua stand with West Papua on Global Flag Raising 1st December 2020

I stand with West Papua, today and every day! #GlobalFlagRaising

Over half a million indigenous West Papuan men, women and children have been murdered by the Indonesian Government since the 1960s. Entire tribes have become EXTINCT and countless more West Papuans have been displaced – losing access to their ancestral lands to multinational corporations who plunder the lush virgin rainforests for commercial greed. This racist, colonialist attack on West Papua is supported by the UK government, who supply millions of pounds worth of arms to Indonesia.

Foreign journalist and NGOs are banned from entering West Papua, and this is why social media campaigns like today’s #GlobalFlagRaising are so very important. Please check out the #FreeWestPapua campaign and support it in any way you can.




source: @Grassroots4WestPapua