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Nattali Rize – West Papuans deserve their Freedom and right to Self Determination

West Papuans deserve their Freedom and right to Self Determination.
Every year on Dec 1 we raise this Morning Star Flag for #GlobalFlagRaisingDay which commemorates the very first raizing of the West Papuan Flag in 1961 as the Dutch were leaving and had prepared the nation of West Papua for their Independence from dutch colonial rule.

Only a few months later Indonesia invaded with their military to claim West Papua as a part of Indonesia.
In 1969 the UN administered the ‘Act Of Free Choice’ which was to allow Papuans to vote if they wanted to stay a part of Indonesia or be a Sovereign Nation only 1026 Papuans were chosen to ‘vote’, their lives were threatened and made to vote in favour of Indonesia, the UN knew about the fukery of this voting process and did nothing. It is widely known as the ‘Act of NO Choice’.

Today after over half a million Papuans have been killed, raped, tortured, the UN are still doing nothing.
Just this week there has been more brutal killings of students by Indonesian forces.
Right now in Papua, the people are continuing to RIZE UP despite the ongoing threat of violence and abuse by their colonizers, they remain relentless and resolute in their movement toward FULL FREEDOM and we always have, and always will, support them.

Every DEC 1 Rize your Flags For Real FREEDOM until Papua is Free!!!






? Greg Sheehan

source: Nattali Rize