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Indonesia criminal regimeIndonesia Fascist StateIndonesia terrorist state

Papua Militant International condemn the Indonesian terrorist police brutality against innocent people of Wadas and their Lawyers

Papua Militant International condemn Indonesian fascist Police and terrorist military for attacking Indonesian citizens against the Mining multinational cooperation plundering and removing people of Wadas Purworejo from their lands.

Darurat! Kekerasan dan penangkapan terhadap warga, kuasa hukum warga dan jaringan oleh aparat di Desa Wadas, Purworejo, Jawa Tengah, Jumat, 23 April 2021.

Emergency! Violence and arrests against residents, residents’ attorneys and networks by officials in Wadas Village, Purworejo, Central Java, Friday, April 23, 2021.

Provisional chronology

  1. Around 11 o’clock, the authorities came to the village of Wadas using several cars, one of which was a car with a large load. Their arrival was related to the plan to socialize the installation of stakes for andesite mining, which is still an integral part of the national strategic project for the construction of the Bener Dam.
  2. In the car there were many police and TNI officers carrying weapons.
  3. Because the residents had blocked the road using tree trunks, the authorities forced their way in, including using chainsaws.
  4. Residents in a sitting position while praying for the Prophet SAW.
  5. Until finally the authorities continued to force their way in, including using force by pulling, pushing and beating residents, including mothers who were in the front of the school.
  6. Around 11:30 a.m. there were clashes. Residents and several students who were in solidarity were forcibly withdrawn and arrested.
  7. After that the residents withdrew because they were shot with tear gas.
  8. Around 11.47 Julian, PBH LBH Yogyakarta, as the legal representative of the Wadas residents, was surrounded by the police until finally he was also forcibly pulled, in an inhuman way, his hair was pulled, etc.
  9. Several residents, students and local lawyers were arrested.

While the their names can be listed:

A. Arrested by Indonesian racist police.

  1. Imel
  2. Upik
  3. Nawaf
  4. Lk slamet
  5. Ngatinah
  6. Fajar ( jaringan)
  7. Julian (LBH Yogyakarta)
  8. Jagat (LBH Yogyakarta)
  9. Bagong
  10. Wahib
  11. Rizal (jaringan)
  12. Muzab (jaringan)

B. Injured by the Indonesian terrorist military and terrorist police:

  1. Takim
  2. Budin
  3. Kadir
  4. Bayu
  5. Nur Fauzan
  6. Ahmad Irianto
  7. Syifa
  8. Fajar
  9. Fery

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