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Papua Militant International with Kurdish joining the Iran revolution for commemorate 44 years Kurdish Ethnic cleansing by Iran colonialism

Saturday, 11th February 2023

We want a free Iran and Free Kurdistan♥️☀️💚 from Iran colonialism.

The protests were starting rally from BBC broadcasting house to Trafalgar Square, which commemorate of beginning of Ayatollah Khomeini took power from King of Shah Pahlavi in Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini is not there elected by the Iranian ordinary people’s, but because Western imperialism agendas are planted by the France government because of the communism progressive ideology it was not beneficial for the America, and European projects colonialism in Middle East agenda’s.

The Morning Star flag and Ala Rengîn Flag together on 44 years oppression in London.


Free Kurdistan from Iran colonialism
Free Kurdistan from Turkey colonialism
Free Kurdistan from Syria colonialism
Free Kurdistan from Iraq colonialism

Thousands take to the streets of London to protest death of Jîna Amini and commemoration of the 44 years Kurdish Genocide, 44 years of Kurdish Ethnic cleansing by the Iran colonial regime of Ayatollah Khomeini, with King of Shah Pahlavi have Kurdish blood on their hands for bloody massacred on Kurdish populations since Kings of Shah Pahlavi and Ayatollah Khomeini in the power until now.

The struggle of the Iranian people in diaspora against the Islamic republic of Iran wanted to replace the current regime with Shah Pahlavi King’s sons, who is based in America being picked by the Western imperialists and America for best service interests of the multinationals criminal cooperation to have easiest access to plundering the Iranian oils, resources, while forgetting oppressed nations whose still fighting demanding self-determination and freedom from Iran colonialism, oppression, continues massacred and mass murderous of innocent Kurdish.

This experience exactly how the Indonesia fascist state violence and treated West Papuan subhuman and killing every West Papuan since 1963 Indonesia criminal invading illegally occupied West Papua with support by the American Imprealist for the interests of West Papua resources gold mining. Western imperialists provide hot jets, guns, weapons, and biological weapons to wipe out black Melanesian populations in West Papua. Indonesia terrorist regimes managed to slaughtered innocent West Papua more than 700,000, including jailing every West Papuan political prisoner at the moment right now with poor conditions, no access for water, no access for doctors, and food being delivered already expired.

Those realities in West Papua, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Western Sahara, Hawaii, Haiti, and Puerto Rico are on going slow motion genocide against the indigenous people who tried to defending our mother land from oppressors, colonisers, occupiers, plunderers, raperers. The only way are let them have rights to self-determination and independence nations as equal rights with equal value to be free from colonialism.

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#TurkishKidnappingKurdishChild #London #UK #Britain

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