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Ramos Horta in Timor Leste  and Hon. Benny Wenda in West Papua


“The people and nation of West Papua should be proud, because among the 28 figures recognized and respected by the international community is Hon. Benny Wenda, President of the Interim Government of West Papua.”

By Dr. Ambirek G. Socratez Yoman

  1. Introduction I wrote this article on July 9 2019 entitled: “THE WORLD RECOGNIZES HON. BENNY WENDA EQUAL TO NELSON MANDELA” and I have shared it twice with readers. I tried to add as necessary because of the statement I read that the people and nation of West Papua seemed to have not yet emerged a leader to lead this nation. Is it true that the people and nation of West Papua do not have a fighting leader who is leading this nation? In my opinion, the people and nation of West Papua have many political leaders who are always on the front line who were born and exist in the KNPB, TPNPB, ULMWP, (formerly in the OPM), PDP, and in the West Papua Provisional Government. Do the people and nation of West Papua have to wait for the birth of people like the late. Nelson Mandela, late. Mahadma Gandhi, Late. Ir. Sukarno, late. Marthen Luther King, Jr, late. Bishop Desmond Tutu, Bishop Belo, Ramos Horta, Xanana Gusmao, Fidel Castro and others? Of the many political leaders of the people and nation of West Papua at home and abroad, in my opinion, God has bestowed Hon. Benny Wenda, the interim president of West Papua, who is based in Oxford, England, is a figure who is on a par with Ramos Horta, Nelson Mandela and other globally respected figures. For the Indonesian colonial rulers who occupied and colonized the people and nation of West Papua, Benny Wenda was a criminal fugitive. Meanwhile, the global community recognizes, accepts and respects Benny Wenda as a true hero of the West Papuan nation. This was acknowledged by the Mayor of Oxford, Craig Simmons as well as members of the Green Party and across political parties. Simmons admits: “Benny Wenda has had a positive impact globally through his campaign to liberate West Papua from Indonesia.”

Benny Wenda is respected as one of the influential leaders who changed the face of the world and made positive contributions internationally. Benny Wenda is the same as several influential figures who have received awards from the Freedom of Oxford.

  1. Admiral Lord Nelson on July 22, 1802.
  2. The Rt. Hon. Arthur Annesty, Viscount Valentia on 6 December 1900.
  3. Rear Admiral Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt on 2 February 1919.
  4. Admiral of the Fleet Sir David Beatty on 25 June 1919.
  5. Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig on 25 June 1919.
  6. Frederick Symons on August 11, 1924.
  7. Arthur Cave on October 21, 1925.
  8. The Rev. H.E. Salter on  March 3, 1930.
  9. Sir Michael Sadler on May 18, 1931.
  10. Sir Hugh Hael on March 23, 1932.
  11. Benjamin Rowland-Jones on September 4, 1942.
  12. The Rt. Hon. William Morris on January 15, 1951.
  13. Robert Menzies on June 6, 1953.
  14. The Rt. Hon. Vivian Smith on March 1, 1955.
  15. The Rt. Hon. Clement Attlee on January 16, 1956.
  16. Mabel Prichard on June 27, 1964.
  17. Lady Mary Townsend on July 17, 1967.
  18. Sir Basil Blackwell on January 12, 1970.
  19. Florence Andrews on March 22, 1974.
  20. Olive Gribbs on June 17, 1982.
  21. Aung San Suu Kyi on December 15, 1997.
  22. Nelson Mandela on June 23, 1997.
  23. Colin Dexter on February 26, 2001.
  24. Prof. Sir Richard Doll on September 16, 2002.
  25. Sir Roger Bannister on 12 May 2004.
  26. Philip Pullman on January 24, 2007.
  27. Prof. Christopher Brown CBE on 2 July 2016.
  28. Lesley Dewhurst on September 14, 2016.
  29. Benny Wenda on July 17, 2019.

There are still many institutional or institutional awards given by the Freedom of Oxford. One example: Oxfarm on October 23, 2012.

  1. International recognition of the struggle for self-determination of the West Papuan people. The essence and purpose of the award from Freedom of Oxford to Benny is recognition and support from the global community regarding the struggle of the people and nation of West Papua for Self-Determination on their ancestral land. The award from Freedom of Oxford to Benny Wenda is proof and a form of the international community’s appreciation for the people and nation of West Papua. In other words, the global community says that the people and nation of West Papua do not stand up and fight alone for the future of the West Papuan nation which is independent and sovereign like other nations in the world. There is solidarity in fighting for justice, human dignity, equal rights and degrees and peace. Long live Benny Wenda. Long live ULMWP. Long live the West Papua Army. Long live the people and West Papua. Long live everyone in solidarity.
  2. International Nobel Peace Prize We pray and fight for peace and harmony for everyone. We fight for justice and peace. When the time comes for world appreciation and recognition, anyone who has noble ideals will be blessed by God and respected by the international community. Benny Wenda has proven that he is a hero of humanity, justice and peace. We pray and work so that the Nobel Peace Prize will also be won by the people and nation of West Papua. Perhaps or maybe, Benny Wenda is heading and climbing to the peak of the highest award in the world, the Nobel Peace Prize? We wait and see. What will happen next??

Mr Benny Wenda, you deserve the Freedom of Oxford Award.

Keep moving forward as a true leader of the West Papuan nation. The moon in the sky was no longer dim. The stars have started to shine. the sun was starting to shine brightly. Your West Papuan people and nation will not shed tears and shed blood over their ancestral land.

Congratulations Hon. Benny Wenda President of the Provisional Government of the West Papuan nation.

Ita Wakhu Purom, 22 October 2023


  1. President of the West Papua Baptist Churches Fellowship;
  2. Founder, Management and Members of the West Papua Church Council (WPCC)
  3. Member of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC)
  4. Member of the World Baptist Alliance (BWA). =========== Contact: 08124888458///08128888712

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