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14 Timorese Arrested for Standing solidarity for Papuan Political Prisoners in Dili

14 Timor Leste protesters in front of the Indonesian Embassy and standing solidarity with the 7 Papuan political prisoners have been arrested on 14th June and will be heard in court on 23th June 2020 in Dili.

What’s kind of democracy in Timor Leste?
Arrested your people’s standing solidarity with West Papuan political prisoners.

This illustrates that the Government of Timor Leste which was independent but the government still economically colonised by Indonesia fascist state and the imperialist USA, it shouldn’t be surprised when all medias, East Timorese government officials ?? were prohibited from covering, broadcasting, or giving support to the Papuan people’s struggle for independence. For example if the government find out that anyone or officials government bodies or person is speaking, then he/she will be dishonorably dismissed, this is what is happening in the Timor Leste government today.




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