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Express your solidarity with Papuan Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Oxford speaker and Black Panthers in UK solidarity with West Papua

It is our responsibility as human beings to raise our voices in protest when our brothers and sisters are treated worse than animals in West Papua. In this era of the internet, one doesn’t always have to be in a place to participate in an activity. It is possible, even while being thousands of miles away, to make a mark.

It is a shame that the powerful governments of the world choose to keep silent on West Papua despite the terrible atrocities that are being perpetrated against #BlackMelanesian ethnicity.

You and I, as individuals, can help raise awareness around the world on the situation in this region. We can help rally global opinion against Indonesia. We can make a difference!

Please make it a point to share the message of the suffering people of West Papuan with those you know. Lets not let crass commercial interests triumph over what is truly precious: the value of every life and Papuan Lives Matter.