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PORT MORESBY: NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop paid tribute to late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare for having delivered Independence to PNG even though no one believed at that time that we Papua New Guineans, as a people, can live in unity despite our diversity.

In paying tribute to Grand Chief Somare Governor Parkop reminded everyone in the country to embrace and be guided by positive values and principles in their personal and public life to enable personal and collective success.

Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare succeeded in moulding our leaders, people and country together because he was guided by strong conviction. faith in our people and he had vision, character and values that defined him; which he called upon to define our destiny. Most of all he believed in the virtues of Unity and Peace.

Speaking today during his Independence address before the Rememberance Walk in honour of late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare, Governor Parkop reminded everyone that it is these values, virtues, character and vision are the most important legacy that we should take and remember and honour Grand Chief Somare our founding father.

“They are the most important lesson of the Somare legacy we need to hold to and use to guide us into nation building and development of our future. These are the building blocks for a successful fulfilling life”.

Governor Parkop added that modern infrastructures and economic wealth on their own will not define success of our nation without having the values and virtues he propounded.

Governor Parkop, City Manager Bernard Kipit and his deputy Ravu Frank led the remembrance walk to end at Ela Beach where the five-day Independence Festival is taking place in city.

“Let us celebrate in peace and unity, Port Moresby! Let us love and respect each other. Let us be grateful for our journey. Our ancestors left our country and passed the baton to us. Let us live for our children. Some successes come first whilst others will come later. Let us continue together to do more and achieve greater successes for our city and the entire country.

“As we celebrate our independence, I also want to say Thank You. Thank you for all that we have done and achieved together for our City and our country. We have achieved a lot together but we still have a long way to go. After all these celebrations, tomorrow let’s make a resolve to lift ourselves and multiply our efforts. We must never be complacent and be content. As humans, we will alway ask and demand for more. The more we deliver, the more the demands so we have to keep our heads high and keep on delivering. It’s a universal trait of humanity to always want more and expect us as leaders to do more.”

“Thank you all once again. Happy Anniversary to our Amazing City of a thousand Tribes, cultures and traditions and 860 languages. Let’s celebrate in oneness – one city, one country, one future!” said Governor Parkop.


source: The Sun Of PNG