Indonesia knows and is aware that International will recognise the West Papua temporary government without Indonesia occupier Aproval


By Dr. Ambirek G. Socratez Yoman

Why is the Indonesian government panicking, anxious, and not sleeping well over the Declaration of the Provisional Government of West Papua declared by Hon. Benny Wenda in Oxford, England  on 1 December 2020?

Why does the Indonesian government say that the West Papua Provisional Government Declaration declared by Hon. Benny Wenda in Oxford, United Kingdom, on December 1 2020 is it an illusion?

The Indonesian government knows, is aware, and understands the political and economic interests of Britain and America or the Five Eyes countries in West Papua and the Pacific.

What are the Five Eyes Countries? The Five Eyes Countries, namely England, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. These five countries or five eyes have the same interests and the same goals. Apart from the interests of the Five Eyes Countries, there are historical factors and also the traditions of the Five Eyes Countries.

There is a chance that Britain or America could recognize the West Papua Provisional Government formed by Hon. Benny Wenda on 1st December 2020 in Oxford, United Kingdom, due to economic, political, and security interests.

There are some of my analyzes regarding the Declaration of the Provisional Government of West Papua as follows:

1. The international community knows and understands that Hon. Bemny Wenda declared that the Provisional Government of West Papua is guaranteed by the UN Human Rights Declaration on the Right to Self-Determination and also the Constitution or Basic Law of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945 which guarantees and provides opportunities. “Indeed, independence is the right of all nations, and therefore, colonialism in the world must be abolished because it is not in accordance with humanity and justice.”

2. Hon. Benny Wenda did not create a new Government, but revived and maintained December 1, 1961 and this was also done consistently by the people and nation of West Papua at the Second West Papua National Congress on May 26 – June 4 2000 and the 3rd West Papuan People’s Congress in the Field Zakeus Padang month on 17-19 October 2022. Except for the late. Dr. Thomas Wapay Wanggai with 14 stars on December 14, 1988.

Here, there are historical correlation facts, objective, rational, and realistic. That is, Hon. Benny Wenda did not make a declaration of different dates and months, different flags, and songs. This means that a country is being invaded and dissolved. The State of West Papua which is complete with state symbols or equipment: There is a territory, there is a people, there is a parliament New Guinea Raat, the song Hai Tanahku Papua, the Morning Star flag, currency: Gulden, State Emblem: Mambruk Bird, it was annexed in 19 December 1961 with Trikora’s announcement. “Disband the Dutch-Made State.”

Historical facts record that, on December 1 1961, the governments of England, France, Australia, the Netherlands, and representatives of the PNG Parliament were present.”

3. Humanitarian intervention from the UN for West Papua could occur if Indonesia does not allow the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit West Papua in accordance with the demands of 84 UN member countries.

4. The presence of Hon. Benny Wenda President of the West Papua Provisional Government in Oxford, England politically and economic interests  benefit the British government and Hon. Benny Wenda was given the freedom to campaign for West Papuan independence from Oxford, England, to the European Union, to Africa, to the Pacific, to America without being restricted or prohibited. Oxford, England, became “home based” selling West Papua Provisional Government diplomacy packages to independent countries.

5. The British government, the European Union, America and other independent countries can pressure Indonesia by using the issue of gross human rights violations committed by Indonesia for 60 years from 1 May 1963 until now to recognize the West Papua Provisional Government.

6. Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Prof. Dr. Mafud MD, Commander of the TNI, Chief of Police and Chairman of the DPR RI, held a press release opposing or rejecting the declaration of the Provisional Government by Hon. Benny Wenda on 1st December 2020 and the declaration was the State of Illusion. The Indonesian government said the Provisional Government of the West Papuan nation declared by Hon. Benny Wenda, on 1st December 2020, in Oxford, England, is an illusion. BUT what is clear and certain is the fact that the BABY has been born, and this baby is growing and developing. We WAIT and SEE in this baby’s growth process.

7. The Provisional Government declared by Hon. On December 1 2020, President Benny Wenda received support from international media, which is the legitimacy and support of the international community that the people and nation of West Papua have the right to stand alone as an independent and sovereign nation based on independence on December 1 1961 which was annexed or invaded by Indonesian military power.

8. In short words, now through the declaration of the West Papua Provisional Government on 1 December 2020 at Oxford, the UK is ensuring to the international community that the people and nation of West Papua deserve to be recognized and respected as a nation that was independent and sovereign on 1 December 1961.

The author’s prayers and hopes that readers will receive blessings and enlightenment through this small article.

Happy reading. God bless us all.

Ita Wakhu Purom, October 3, 2023


1. President of the West Papua Baptist Churches Fellowship;
2. Founder and Members of the West Papua Church Council (WPCC)
3. Member of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC)
4. Member of the World Baptist Alliance (BWA).


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