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Kapolri, Kapolda Papua Mathius D Fakhiri, Paulus Waterpauw, and Tito Karnavian corrupted money belonging to the Papuan working class police officers

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Indonesian racists police treated Papuan police as subhuman and second citizen on the Indonesian criminal police institutions in West Papua. The Indonesian police on top ranks lead by Indonesian while the West Papuan police requsting why the Indonesian National Police didn’t pay their wages for a years when they have got families, children to feed them. They need money for living cost, bills, food etc in the pandemic Covid-19 situation. New head Kapolda criminal Papua, Brigadier General Police, Mathius D. Fakhiri with Paulus Waterpauw, Tito Karnavian enjoyed corrupted money belonging to the West Papuan police officers, while the illegal settlers Indonesian police have got privilege then Papuan. Luckily corrupts officers Mathius D Fakhiri, Paulus Waterpauw and Tito Karnavian taken money out for themselves and corrupted their financial police institutions in West Papua to bribes the Indonesian government get new ranks of Indonesian National Police position and ministerial. Therefore Papuan working class cannot get their money for survive and living. They already tried hardest to covering up police corrupted institutions treated unequal to the West Papuan. There is no justice and no peace at the moment on this Saturday, 13/3/2021 – West Papua.

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