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Indonesia Terrorist State Poisoned a Former Chief Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup in Jakarta


The Indonesian terrorist state has poisoned and killed Abock Busup, MA at the Hotel in Jakarta today. He was poisoned with #Polonium by the Indonesian undercover military officer in the hotel.

It turned out that President Jokowi’s visit to Papua brought a gift of poisoning the former Chief Yahukimo Regent which had been carried out by military agents disguised as hotel manager. This officer put the poisoned of Polonium into his drinking water. Then the people found him death body of former chief Regent died without any pain, he was very healthier before.

Indonesian?? Fascist President Joko Widodo responsible for death of Abock Busup today.

Tirto Karnavian, Paulus Waterpauw, Pangdam Cenderawasih (TNI-POLRI) already made planned for master mind of “HORIZONTAL CONFLICT”, to covering up their on going massively military operations in Yahukimo Regency since 2nd September until now.

An appeal to the people of the Kimyal tribes and Yali tribes that the death of Mr. Abock Busup was because the INDONESIA ?? COLONISER POISONED HIM (Dia diracuni oleh aparat dihotel) by state involvement directly.

Be aware that person who has spread the issue of Abock Busup death is caused NOT another ethnic tribes. But this is purely a game of the Indonesian terrorist state wanted to Black people can kill each other that is what the colonial state of Indonesia planned, orchestrated by colonial together with the TNI-POLRI and Indonesian officials are celebrating dan worshipping when Kimyal tribes and Yali tribes to kill each other but the fact that benefits for Indonesia criminal regime.

Eyes witness confirmed based in Jakarta. The Indonesia coloniser dan fascist state responsible for the MURDERER former chief Yahukimo Regency Mr. Abock Busup. He has been killed by the state on purpose and well planned by the Commander in Chief, Tirto Karnavian, Paulus Waterpauw, Kapolda Papua and Pangdam Cenderawasih.

Rest in Peace ?? ? Abock Busup and others people in Yahukimo 3rd September 2021.