Berita tangan pertama dari Tanah Papua

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Indonesian Fascist Military and Terrorist Police Launched Military operations in Puncak Papua Regency

4 villages  and  4 Churchs  in the Critical Humanitarian crisis at Puncak Papua Regency

TODAY – Monday 27 April 2021; Pukul 09.30am Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police attacking, destroyed, demolishing villages and churches in Puncak Regency because massive Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police launched military operations direct orders came from Indonesian fascist President Joko Widodo Kontol. Indonesian terrorist President Joko Widodo announced that kill them all (West Papuan) Black ethnic cleansing  in Ilaga, Beoga – Puncak Papua Regency 26/4/2021) as we are writing this articles there is military operations since early morning (27/4/2021) Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police using helicopter clearing the indigenous people housing and using all churches are military based (accommodation) hundreds people refugees in the jungles and several Districts (Sinak, Kuyawage, Illu, Timika).

4 villages and 4 churches building being occupied and used them as military checkpoint  for headquarters military operations.

1. Tegelobak villages , the Maranata Church
2. Misimaga villages, the Misimaga Church
3. Efesus villages, the Efesus Church
4. Upaga villages, the Upaga Church

Indonesian military fires bullets everywhere supporting by Indonesian military helicopters bombing and firings on the grounds while the population of people from 4 villages evacuated to the nearest village because Indonesian fascist military and terrorist police brutality. Informan from the ground Inform that people from Misimaga village and Tegelobak fled to Tanah Merah Village. However Efesus villages and Efesus villages  flee village.

This is a direct report from the evacuation and field military operations are taking place at the moment.

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