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Indonesian President Fascist Joko Widodo Papuan Killers 2020

Violence breeds violence…Do not criticise the way Papuans choose to defend themselves or organise resistance when you kill them in humane ways, abuse them in inhumane ways and shut every avenue of help to them. Do not criticise their tactics when you
Boil them alive
bury them alive
straf them with fighter jets from the air
bomb them
rape them
ridicule them and their God
belittle them
call them names
shoot them
deny all their rights
discredit the authenticity of their true voice
deny their true identity
steal their land
pollute their land
loot their land
torture them
burn them
burn their homes
bribe them
silence them

what do you expect when this is your resolve Presiden Joko Widodo?
now tell us who is the animal here? who is the primitive? even animals and the primitive have morals.

Presiden Joko Widodo Take a good look at this picture. This is the true face of your resolve. SHAME ON YOU.

#IndonesiaFascist?? #Penjajah

#IndonesiaTerrorist?? #Pembunuh

#JokoWidodoIsAFascist #PapuansKillers

#IndonesiaCriminal?? #Colonialist