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Joko Widodo killed 18 Papuan Nduga Refugees died in Wamena

Papua No.1 News Portal | Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – As many as 18 refugees from Nduga Regency, Papua who were in Jayawijaya Regency died in various refugee locations during the past month. Nduga refugee volunteer in Jayawijaya, Raga Kogeya, said that sometimes two to three refugees die in a day. The age range of those who died was 18 to 50 years.

While the other making profits on their dead who claimed if there are Nduga academic intelektual cooperated with Kapolda Papua Paulus Waterpauw Provocateur and Pangdam Papua also special connection links to local government pretending to be ordinary people of Nduga, but same time can have easy access to the Indonesian special forces, terrorist police events travelling abroad in the name of building of West Papuans education system. However this people is parasites and enjoying watching their skeen to be dying, suffering, no support for their right for health care services, housing, foods, medicines for Nduga Refugees in Wamena. Of course they are popett of Indonesian government specially working for Indonesian security forces used West Papuans covering up themselves such as to be Papuan young intelektual can go in and out (abroad, Jakarta and Papua) so easy for them. Hope everyone in West Papua, Indonesia and International communities can aware about parasites (Penjilat/benalu) hidden behind their skeen Indigenous Papuans but they are working for Indonesia fascist state and their personal interest.

“This has happened since December 24, 2020 until now (January 2021). Already 18 people died. Those are Nduga refugees in Jayawijaya, refugees in other areas we don’t know. Today two refugees are in critical condition, ”said Raga Kogeya via a phone call to Jubi, Wednesday (20/1/2021).

According to him, most of the refugees died because of illness. Some of them have fever, nose bleeds (nosebleeds), convulsions, red, red skin, and other symptoms. Some were sick for two to three months, but they did not receive medical attention.

We ask the international parties, especially the United Nations, to see innocent human beings die and be able to solve the current problem of Papua, West Papua’s military emergency to date.