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8 TNI troops were killed by Freedom Fighter TPNPB Ndugma troops last Saturday

TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama

Saturday, September 5, 2020

TPNPB OPM KODAP III Ndugama-leadership, Brigadier General, Egianus Kogeya and Pemne Kogeya killed 8 Indonesian TNI members in Ndugama region of West Papua.

The TPNPB News: 8 TNI troops were killed by TPNPB Ndugma troops this morning.

The War of National Liberation by the West Papua National Liberation Army will be carried out in the entire territory of West Papua, and the war will stop after Papua is fully independent from the illegal occupation of the Indonesian military on the ancestral lands of the Papuan people.

West Papua National Liberation Army-Free Papua Organization, OPM-TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama Official Report.

Today, September 5, 2020, at 4.00 am in the morning, the Special Forces of the TPNPB Kodap III Ndugama Regional Commander Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya controls the capital city of Keneyam, Nduga Regency, Papua.

In this morning’s report, the commander of the battlefield, PEREK JELAS KOGEYA reported to the Media Crew of The-TPNPBNEWS via his cell phone from Ndugama, the capital of Keneyam that he was taking control of the TNI Headquarters in Pasar Baru, the capital of Keneyam, Nduga Regency, Papua.

This morning at 4.00 am all the TPNPB-OPM troops from Kodap III Ndugama surrounded a TNI troop post in Pasar Baru Yantung, the city of Nduga Keneyam district.

In this attack during the morning at dawn, it was clear that the first shot of 8 members of the TNI troops died on the spot and the subsequent shots at the old market TNI post became tornado and there was no reply from the TNI troops from inside the permanent post until 5.30 in the morning.

“Obviously, we reported attacking the TNI post like fighting against women. There was absolutely no response until we went back home,” he told The-TPNPBNEWS Media Crew.

Meanwhile, the situation in the city of Nduga Regency is paralyzed and civilians cannot leave their homes because Ndugama’s nature is very supportive. Heavy rains occurred in the heart of Keneyam.

This was confirmed by the Commander of Operation Kodap III Ndugama Major Pemne Kogeya and Commander of Kodap III Ndugama Brijen Egianus Kogeya said that his party had received a report from the lead field force ,Perek Jelas Kogeya that there had been an attack on the TNI post at Pasar Baru Keneyam and killed 8 members of the TNI troops. In the capital city of Keneyam, Nduga Regency and the inside of the house, the death and injuries are not yet known.

Thus the interim report the next report will follow according to developments.

Ndugama 5 September 2020.

Responsible for the Regional Defense Command, Kodap III Ndugama.

Brigadier General EGIANUS KOGEYA

Major Pemne Kogeya

Operations Commander

To be made Known to the high commanders of the TPNPB-OPM Military throughout Papua.


To be made known to the general Military Operations Commanders throughout Papua.

Major General Lekagak Telenggen.

Official Report of The TPNPBNEWS Media Crew