Berita tangan pertama dari Tanah Papua

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Pacific conference of Churches, to Stand with the people from West Papua

Today I was honored to have taken the opportunity to stand in solidarity with my colleagues here at the Pacific conference of churches, to stand with the people from West Papua who has been the longest people In their own territory who have been fighting for their own Freedom.

Their native languages have been forcefully stripped away.The continuous racial slurs like “monkey” has labelled our brother’s and sister’s in West Papua.People are killed, almost everyday. My heart aches for them knowing that, here at my island home we are privileged to not hear a single gunshot or screams of an innocent life being slaughtered, raped or tortured to death.

We hear you and we stand with you!!
Let our people go

#FreeWestPapua ✊?

#Merdeka! #Merdeka!

Source: Julia Vadeii