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Papua Militant International in solidarity with Free Western Sahara ??

Since last October 21, members of the Saharawi civil society have been peacefully protesting in the southwestern Saharawi locality of El Guerguerat, Western Sahara near the Mauritanian border and used by the Moroccan occupation regime to export the resources stolen from the Saharawi people, against morocco’s violation of the accord number 1 of the ceasefire of 1991 between the kingdom of Morocco and the POLISARIO Front (national liberation movement of the last African colony and the only political and legal representative of the Saharawi nation).

In the early hours of today, November 13, 2020, Moroccan occupation forces were preparing to violently evict the Saharawi civilians camped in the above-mentioned place protesting the pillage of the natural resources of their homeland, with all certainty to end violently the peaceful protest with blood and fire. The forces of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army responded forcefully against the criminal maneuver of the forces of the illegal Moroccan occupation and in defense of the Saharawi civilians stationed in the area. After 30 years of patience waiting for the referendum promised to them and tired of the maneuvers of the Alawite criminal regime to impede the celebration of the referendum, the unfulfilled promises of the UN, the maneuvers of Spain to continue spoiling the sea riches of the territories and making deaf ears to take its role and responsibility as the colonial administrative power of Western Sahara, and to actively engage in the decolonization process of the territory, the constant maneuvers of France in the security council of the UN to prevent its ally Morocco from being condemned and forced to comply with the 1991 peace agreements that included the celebration of a referendum on self-determination for the Saharawi people and in the face of the imminent danger to the physical integrity of the Saharawi civilians in the protest camp at El Guerguerat, the freedom fighters of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army responded forcefully and acted against the plans of the Moroccan criminal occupation forces, ending a chapter of false promises and lies of the UN that never exerted any pressure against the delaying maneuvers of Morocco to prevent the referendum from ever being held.

After 30 years of patient and peaceful waiting of the POLISARIO Front and the Saharawi nation for the UN to uphold their right to vote in a free, safe, and democratic referendum on self-determination the Saharawi people and their only and legitimate representant the POLISARIO Front have upheld a right of all oppressed people to obtain their freedom and rights through all means necessary, including the right of arm struggle as it is recognized as a legal and internationaly recognized right.

The war will be violent, blody and long but don’t mistake the will of the people of Western Sahara, they are more than willing to pay the ultimate price for their right to a free, independent, and democratic country free of Moroccan occupation.

All the homeland or mratyrodom.

source: Jose Gongora