The first ULMWP Congress opening event in Jayapura – West Papua

Today, 20th November 2023 in Port Numbay (Jayapura), the ULMWP declarator and founder together with thousands of West Papuans in the entire West Papua, held the ULMWP Congress for the first time in Jayapura/Port Numbay.

This congress took place at the urging of the people of West Papua through a peaceful demonstration that took place over two days (6-7 November 2023), to respond to the ULMWP Leaders Summit which took place in Port Vila Vanuatu. The people consider that the leaders have violated the Constitution where leadership and constitutional bodies must be appointed and born through Congress, not by the Summit internal meeting.

The people considered that the ULMWP leaders had also made decisions that were contradictory to the will of the people’s conscience, so that people from all regions in 7 regions in West Papua mobilised to readdress back the foundation rules a protest against the ULMWP leaders to hold a Congress.

Today, Monday 20th November 2023, the 1st ULMWP Congress officially opened and will close on 23 November.

Official Press Release for the opening of the first ULMWP Congress (attached).

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