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ULMWP message of solidarity for the people of Kanaky in their anti-colonial struggle

Wa wa wa wa wa. Today I am sending a message of solidarity to the people of Kanaky and our brothers and sisters in the leadership of the FLNKS.

What is happening in Kanaky is modern-day colonialism in action. The proposed electoral changes being debated in the French Parliament would fatally damage Kanaky’s right to self-determination. The United Liberation Movement for West Papua is following events closely, and sends its deepest sympathy and support in this struggle. You are not alone: the people of West Papua, Melanesia and the wider Pacific, are standing with you.

On behalf of the people of West Papua, I send condolences to the families of those whose lives have been lost since the current crisis began. This crisis is one chapter in a long occupation and self-determination struggle going back hundreds of years.

I have always maintained that the Kanak struggle is the West Papuan struggle, and the West Papuan struggle is the Kanak struggle. Our bond is special because we share an experience that most colonised nations have already overcome. Colonialism may have ended in Africa and the Caribbean, but in the Pacific it still exists.

I was proud to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the FLNKS in 2022. We are one Melanesian family, and I hope all Melanesian leaders will make clear statements of support for the FLNKS’ current struggle against France. I also hope that our brothers and sisters across the Pacific, Micronesia and Polynesia included, stand up and show solidarity for Kanaky in their time of need. The world is watching. Will the Pacific speak out with one unified voice against modern-day colonialism being inflicted on their neighbours?

I again send my strongest solidarity to all Kanaks and to the FLNKS. Never give up; never surrender; fight until you are free. Though the journey is long, one day our flags will be raised alongside one another on liberated Melanesian soil, and the people of West Papua and Kanaky will celebrate their independence together.

Benny Wenda

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