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ULMWP opens Port Vila Headquarters

Photo: Nicholas Mwai

By : Eztra Toara – Dailly Post Vanuatu

of his role, which primarily focuses on lobbying the Vanuatu government to fully recognise ULMWP as a legitimate representative body in the region.

He underscored the importance of collaborative efforts, both with the people on the mission and the chiefs of SHEFA Province.

Mr. Wenda, keenly aware of attempts by Indonesia to undermine ULMWP, refuted claims that the Movement is merely a movement in exile, particularly with its base now firmly established in Melanesia.

By placing the Movement’s headquarters in Vanuatu, Wenda said they are actively dispelling any such narrative. Vanuatu, he acknowledged, has long been a staunch ally and friend of West Papua, representing a defence of Melanesian solidarity for the cause.

Wenda took a moment to express gratitude to the SHEFA Provincial Government Council (SPGC) and all the chiefs who have consistently stood in solidarity with the people of West Papua.

This relocation of the ULMWP headquarters to Port Vila signifies a renewed commitment to the cause and heightens the movement’s determination to secure a free and liberated West Papua.

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