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West Papuan Freedom Fighter TPNPB Returned A Health Workers Gerald Sokoy to his Parent in Jayapura


Today is September 25, 2021.

The head of  Regency Government officials Pegunungan Bintang, the Regent, directly escorted one of the victims of a health worker who had been protected and looking after by West Papuan Freedom Fighter (TPNPB-OPM) for some time,  guaranteed his safety from the Indonesian terrorist military terror which were very sadistic and inhumane.

The head of the Regent and local government together took a health worker to the Sentani airport, and continued to handover #GeraldSokoy to his mum, dad and  his families. He  survived because TPNPB-OPM protected him, take care of him warm welcome.

Even though the TNI-POLRI had conducted sweeps, bombing villages to kill me, because the Indonesian government SCARED I will expose and #TellTheTruth  of their crimes & LIES when all citizens will discovered INDONESIA ?? COLONISER LIAR.

TPNPB Commander proved his words and handed it over to the civil administration so that the Regent handed it over to the victim’s family at the Hore Hotel in Jayapura Regency and was greeted by his beloved parents.

Gerald Sokoy thanked the TPNPB-OPM Leaders for accepting him and appreciating him as a very valuable human being, providing guarantees for food, health and even his life only TPNPB-OPM true FIGHTER.

If I was in the hands of the TNI-POLRI, they would have killed me and my fellow health workers.

The TNI-POLRI were the culprits and the root cause by deliberately recording videos of the incident, and friends who made statements that distorted because the head of  Pangdam military and head of police province headquarters had threatened to kill them. So their statements in the media have been engineered by the Indonesian Military Commander and the Papua Police Chief, so the press conference was held at military Headquarters.

TPNPB is a truly Freedom Fighter. The people of Papua and Indonesia must support them who fight with sincerity and they understand international law very well and will not shoot people except members of the TNI/POLRI.

TPNPB Kodap XV Ngalum Kupe respectfully handed over to the Bintang Mountains Regional Government in good healthier.

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