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Barnabas Mandacan, Mayor Jenderal I Nyoman Cantiasa, Irjen Pol Tornagogo Sihombing, and Bernard Sagrim attacking and intimidating 2,275 villagers including 69 child under age five

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Latest news from Aifat Maybrat,
22 September 2021 in West Papua.

2,275 civilians from four districts have been displaced due to armed conflict and Indonesian terrorist military and criminal police attacking innocent civilians — 69 of them are children under the age of five.

Photos were taken on yesterday (20/9/21)

These are the 5 (five) civil society districts that were displaced, namely:

1. Aifat Selatan District
2. Aifat Tengah District
3. Aifat Timur District
4. Aifat Timur Jauh District
5. Aifat District

The number of refugees 2,275 people are still in the wood port until now in Aifat Raya Maybrat, West Papua.

This is the act of war crimes and human rights violations committed by Indonesian fascist military. Indonesian army are terrorising the innocent Papuan civilians.

The civilians knew it that the presence of Indonesian criminal military are not going to protect them, instead torturing, interrogating, and labeling them as part of the West Papuan freedom fighters event their are innocent civilians.

Indigenous people of Maybrat from 5 districts were displaced. They fled into the forest to survive with no food and no medical support because the Governor Barnabas Mandacan, Commander of Indonesian criminal Military West Papua province Pangdam Mayor Jenderal I Nyoman Cantiasa, Indonesian Headquarters of racist police West Papua province Kapolda Irjen Pol Tornagogo Sihombing, and criminal head of Maybrat Regency Bernard Sagrim attacking and intimidating 19 villages, burnings ? downs Black Papuans houses, schools, churches, public medical centres. People’s very scared and traumatised with their presence.

This is a very urgent situation, so please keep monitoring and advocate my people situation right now at the moment.

Long Live International Solidarity
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