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Governor Barnabas Mandacan, Commander Fascist PANGDAM Military Kasuari MayJen TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa, Criminal police KAPOLDA West Papua Irjen Pol Dr Tornagogo Sihombing, and Bernard Sagrim (Maybrat Regent) Arrested 6 School Kids


Maybrat 29th September 2021

Terrorist Governor Barnabas Mandacan, Commander Fascist PANGDAM MILITARY Kasuari MayJen TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa and Criminal police KAPOLDA West Papua Irjen Pol Dr Tornagogo Sihombing, and Bernard Sagrim (Maybrat Regent) Arrested 6 School Kids.

Today the report from the KNPB of Maybrat Region: The Indonesian military arrested the 6 of Papuan. They are in secondary school and high school class students Aifat District- maybrat Regency.

The 6 Papuan school kids were arrested by Indonesian criminal Police and the Indonesian terrorist military.

The Indonesian terrorist police kidnapping them to be blame on the inciden of the their military based attacked (2/9/2021) in the Maybrat District of West Papua Province, while this West Papuan secondary school student nothing to do with that’s incident but INDONESIA ?? TERRORIST COLONISER wanted to used them as #BLACKMAILS to justify Governor Barnabas Mandacan, MayJen TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa and Criminal police KAPOLDA West Papua Irjen Pol Dr Tornagogo Sihombing, Head of Maybrat Regent, Bernard Sagrim to LEGITIMATED their greedy military operations for removing indigenous from 19 Villages and 5 Districts for the multinationals cooperation which (Palm Oil companies, British Petrolium) and military headquarters bases therefore, 6 school kids being SACRIFIED

West Papua National Committee KNPB as the West Papua People’s media confirmed that they are not perpetrators, the Indonesian terrorist military and the Indonesian criminal police were absolute wrong abusers powers, and failed to arrest the a West Papuan Freedom Fighters (TPNPB).

The Chairman of the KNPB of the Maybrat Region Yohanes N. Assem said that the 6 school kids never ever joined but they just normal children. Why Indonesia military cannot fight directly and arrested the Freedom Fighter? Only they can do arrested school kids.

As we know that West Papuan Freedom Fighter Revolutionary Army announced publicly that they are responsible and claimed attacked the Indonesian military based Posramil Kisor was carry out by TPNPB then why Indonesian military and police (TNI-POLRI) arresting school kids was refugees.

Indonesian Fascist Military and Terrorist Police (TNI-POLRI) used terror, brutal and sadistic methods attacked all the West Papuan civilians who fled to the forests which is 2,275 villagers including 69 child under age five. But the Indonesia coloniser continued to hunt down members of the KNPB who never ever involve on that incident. As the chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB-Maybrat) in the Maybrat Region condemning the Indonesia coloniser for arresting 6 school kids who had just returned from refugee camps in Kokas Village, Maybrat Regency, on Tuesday (28/9) at 3:00 am early morning.

KNPB Report: 6 school kids arrested by the Indonesian police and Indonesian military are :

  1. Yohan Ky
  2. Amos Ky, siswa kelas 1 SMA N l Aifat
  3. Roby Yaam, siswa kelas 1 SMP N 2 Aifat
  4. Gidion Waimbewer, siswa kelas 2 SMA
  5. Lukas Ky, siswa SMP N 1 Aifat
  6. Unknown identity

Meanwhile, according to the police report, the DPO (arrest warrant lists) biodata was caught in KP. Coke as follows:

  1. Name : Amos ky
    date of birth : Imsum, 27 Desember 2000
    Religion : Kristen Prostetan
    Status : –
    address : Imsum Village, South Aifat District , maybrat Regency.
  2. Name : Roby yaam
    date of birth : Manokwari – 16 – 06 – 2006
    Religion : Kristen Protestan.
    Status : have not married .
    Address : Kape. Buoksa, South Aifat District maybrat Regency.
  3. Name : Lukas Ky
    date of birth : Imsun 24 Desember 2007
    Religion : Kristen Protestan
    Status : Junior high school class students 1 Aifat.
    Alamat : Kp. Kisor South aifat District.
  4. Name : Yohanes Ky
    date of birth : –
    The age : 76 years Old
    Religion : Kristen Protestan
    Status : K- 6
    Address : South Aifat District .
  5. Name : Paulus Ky (Anak yohanes Ky)
    date of birth. : Imsum, tahun 2005
    Religion : Kristen Protestan
    Status : Pelajar SD kelas 5
    Address : South Aifat District .
  6. Name : Manfret Ky
    date of birth : Kisor 24 Agustus 2005
    Religion : Kristen Protestan
    Status : Pelajar
    Address : South Aifat District .

KNPB request and begged to all parties, national, international communities to put pressure on Indonesian the police and official regional governments to pressure them stop using 6 school kids as Black mail them and greedy abuses power arrested school kids only happened in Indonesia ?? democracy for 60 years colonisation and oppressing West Papuan kids.

If the Indonesian security forces continues to use rough and dirty ways, it is likely that civilians who are displaced will not return to their hometown, “said John”.

Please see the picture below, welcome to Indonesia democracy murdering, annoying, kidnapped and arresting school kids. Indonesia ?? do not have democracy at occupied West Papua, same democracy in Palestine when Israeli government kidnapping Palestine children same attitude and criminal behaviour.

The Indonesian terrorist military is truly brutal, sadistic, inhumane, terror, intimidating and annoying just have a look at picture of 6 school kids being arrested then handcuffs them, handcuffing their legs, and covering up their eyes with a clothes crippled by the Indonesian tereorist police and Indonesian fascist military also tortured them, beaten them up then pointed out their guns into the 6 school kids. “We will kill you! We will shot you! also calling them Monkey! Monkey! Monkey go to Africa”, racist pathetic rase said by Indonesian terrorist police and military while interrogating them on yesterday (28/9/2021)

Until today – we are writing this post the Black West Papua 6 school kids are being detained therefore, we ask the West Papuan supporters please do share it and publish on your social media platform of Indonesia ?? terrorist military and police brutality arresting 6 school kids has done nothing wrong. They are arrested them because they are BLACK PEOPLE and colonised people same struggle in Palestine ??, Western Sahara ??, Kurdistan ❤??, Kashmir, Tigray ❤?, Colombia ??, Chile ??, Puerto Rica ??, Hawai’i, Maluku, Acheh, oppressed nations and indigenous people.