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Indonesia bought Prime Minister of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, and other Melanesian leaders

Indonesia bought Prime Minister of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, and other Melanesian leaders which is influence them with economic policy and money power to stop internationalisation issues of West Papua independence from Indonesia colonial rule in West Papua

West Papuan struggle is gaining momentum in international level and in the Pacific Island, but Indonesia cannot allowed internationalisation issues of West Papua, but Indonesia tried everything to sabotages  and counter opinions which bought several government leadership in the Melanesian countries such as Fiji Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, New Zealand Prime Minister, Australia Prime Minister and other Melanesian countries who are using West Papua as bargaining politic for their own beneficial without acknowledging more than 500.000 innocent civilian has been slaughtered by Indonesian military and police since 1969 until today while we are writing.

I believe that governments of Fiji, PNG, New Zealand, and Australia not interested of human or Melanesian ethnics, but sucking West Papuan bloods in the name of states interests for survival. However, in fact that those government using religions to hide their demonic practices against woman and children who are being brutally discriminated, including treated West Papua as subhuman. Although, Karel Marx argued, that if religion become opium and drunk people mind to be blinds their eyes and heart about reality what is happening  in West Papua. Even though, their citizens stand together with West Papuan people and support West Papua for self-determination, while government continue standing up for Indonesia because politic economy (money power). Mentally and psychology are dead or  become political prostituted of Indonesia slave master.

Imagine that your seat as prime minister and position will not live forever, but after few years then there is election as political seat, at the end you will no longer need it, but people will remember your demonic toward on people of West Papua cannot be forgotten, including your generation will come be carry your shameful reputation as cheapest leader can be bought with Indonesian money and cannot be trusted leader.

Last month on September effects of President Salwai argued that West Papua should be placed back onto the decolonisation list under the UN chapter and President Salwai was supported by two other Pacific leaders, Marshall Island’ President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands, and Enele Sopoaga of Tuvalu have been spoken against Indonesia illegal occupation in West Papua. As criminal or stiller always cannot accepted, argument pointed out to them. Therefore, Yusuf Kalla as vice president of Indonesia clarified about statement made by Vanuatu even though it is true and absolute, if Indonesia treated West Papuan subhuman, killed 7 innocent civilians on Monday, 1st of October 2018 in Tingginambur, Puncak Jaya.  Including  incident civil war in Yahukimo is part of Indonesian Police and military project as extension of the empower and build the new headquarter of military base in Yahukimo and justified Indonesia argument at the United Nation by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, if there is nothing going on in West Papua regarding of the Human Right abuses, killing, torturing and created the violence then blame on West Papua as “tribes War”, which is West Papuan called, old songs of colonial (lagu lama). Another points to back up the evident of Vanuatu argument that, Indonesia show their demonic behaviour to killed Papuan gave an evidence to the world that Indonesia is running by criminal regime and proud to bought Fiji, PNG, New Zealand, Australia and other Melanesian leader if “Economy diplomacy and money power”, very effective strategies to buy those Prime Minister and uses West Papuan issues as bargaining politics.

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