Berita tangan pertama dari Tanah Papua

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Indonesian Far right wing fascist Attacking the Secretariat of West Papuans students IPMAPA-Malang

Independent Intellectuals ~ Chronology of the Assault by Indonesian far right wing fascist at the Secretariat of IPMAPA-Malang (Jl.Kecubung Barat No 5A). They are being ordered by Paulus Waterpauw in order to covering up his guilt after his successfully poisoning the deputy governor of West Papuans Klemens Tinal few days ago including massive military operations are on going in Nduga Regency, Intan Jaya Regency and Puncak Papua Regency. Sometimes Indonesian fascist state locked down and blocked off the Internet access entire West Papua already in a few weeks.

14.00: Protesters arrive at the IPMAPA Secretariat (Jl.Kecubung Barat No 5A) and before conducting an evaluation for the mass Action for the Free Papuan Political Prisoners,  Vicktor Yeimo and css

14.10: Some of the AMP (West Papuan Student Alliance) and FRI-WP (Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua) Indonesian comrades while relaxing and sitting in front of the corner shop near the secretariat while the others resting inside the IPMAPA-Malang Secretariat.

14.18: There was an attack carried out by several unknown persons suspected of the Indonesian Youth Alliance (Indonesian fascist right wing nationalist)  on West Papuans students (AMP) and FRI-WP comrades from high way to the Secretariat, some of the mirrors were broken down and injured several others our friends who were protecting ourselves from Indonesian right wing fascist against West Papuan students and our Indonesian comrades.

14.21: After carrying out the attacked, the Ormas (Far Right Wings Fascist)  left then suddenly Indonesian terrorist military (TNI ) and Indonesian criminal police (Polri) arriving then to ask about the attacked while they already knew about it.

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