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Indonesian fascist and terrorist military shot dead Papuan civilian Domianus Magai in Kali Kabur – Tembagapura

Today the Indonesian fascist and terrorist military shot dead DOMIANUS MAGAI is a West Papuan civilian.  Domianus Magai a father and he is a chief of the Damal tribe in Kwamkilama. People found him dead and eyes witness showed that incident being orchestrated by Indonesian terrorist military and murdered him early morning  at Miles 50 on this Monday, 21 March 2021 , Tembagapura – Timika.

He is a civilian, and has been living in Kwamkilama with his wife and his children. However, the people found his body in the (Jeri river)  mile 50 at Tembagapura. He is going to mining for support and bread winner for his family because His wife and children only depending on his income at the moment.

He was also a village chief and he tried to be willingly to reconcile and peace makers for the  two tribes  war  but it was successfully reconciled by him. But when he was on his way home from after finishing his mining job then He was returning to Kwamkilama but  Indonesian criminal military already waiting to then Indonesian fascist military murdered him in cold blood and shot him dead after they killed him then few Indonesian fascist military officers were trying to hold a press conference to cover up their crimes and wanted to condemn that Domianus was part of Papuan Freedom Fighter, but he is just normal civilian.

Indonesian Fascist Military and Terrorist Police getting ready for fake news on Indonesian main stream media for their  propaganda media to justify their cold bloods murdered of innocent West Papuan civilians

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