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Papua Militant International joined solidarity rally for Reparations in Brixton

Papua Militant with Akala is a British Musician, Human Rights Defenders, and Anti Racist Campaigner

01.08.20: Our UK counterpart and advisor, Serogo Tabuni of Papuan Militant International joined a solidarity rally for Reparations in Brixton.

For West Papua, he brought to light the Act of No Choice which took place on August 2 1969. “PEPERA 1969” is a violation of the Papuan People’s rights to self determination under international law.

#FreeWestPapua is not a case of separatism from Indonesia.

Independence for West Papua would be the restoration of Papuan sovereignty and not a violation of Indonesia’s territorial integrity✊?

Thanks very much to everyone, comrades, Extinction Rebellion, my brothers and sisters African ancestors at the Reparations March who showed support for joining the Free West Papua rally on August 1st in Brixton, London.

Papua Militant International join rally in Brixton

We will chant down the oppression of colonialism and one day West Papua will be free!

“You can’t always be demanding solidarity from others and then refuse to show it yourself.”
Martin Schulz

Long Live International Solidarity!

#StopTheMaangamizi #WeChargeGenocide
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