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Employees Demand Open SDO Access in Tembagapura-Papua.

Tembagapura, SWP – Thousands of employees who joined the SDO demand action were still holding out the action for two days. All employees of PT. Freeport, Privatization and Kontrator went on strike at the Camp Ridge, Mile 72 Tembagapura.

The action started from Monday, the 24th to the 25th, and it continues. No complete information has yet been received from Management and the Mimika Regent regarding SDO demands from all employees there.

Mining production activities have been temporarily suspended because the previous Management’s promise had not been granted according to the request to open bus access. Their demands are only asked to open access and there is no other purpose behind this action to take advantage of individual interests but in the interests of the common rights of all employees.

“One of the employees who did not want to mention his name told Suara Wiyaimana Papua via a cellular telephone that he received that as long as there was no transparent and honest information from the Mimika Regent and Management, we would carry out a strike on the spot until SDO access was actually opened, he said,”

He continued, we demanded that the Mimika Regent and Management be opened access according to their previous promise so that we would like to see our wife and children who are in Timika.

Mimika government has opened access to Air flights and ships while employees are not given SDO access to see their wives and children in Timika and its surroundings.

The sad story is that many Papuan and non-Papuan employees who live in Timika and even outside Timika City experience disappointment with the existence of a management policy that does not guarantee the right to life of employees. They also experienced many problems while in Tembagapura.

Grief news The wife and child who died were also not given access to Emergency or certain policies because they reasoned with the COVID-19 issue so that many employees experienced stress, frustration and some experienced pain due to mental pressure.

“They also refused firmly to accept information or sweet promises from Management through representation. Certain individuals acting on behalf of Management’s tongue-in-cheek were also trapped out of their place of action, it was reported.”

The commitment of all employees requires that access be opened normally, so the production mine is also running. They asked for the memorandum to be issued through the Freeport website from the management itself officially.

Finally, PT.Freeport’s mining operations did not run mine production for two days. If the demands of Papuan and non-Papuan employees are related to the demands of SDO Bus from Timika to Tembagapura and / or Tembagapura to Timika not accepted by the Management, it will certainly affect production activities to be stuck in the largest American mine.

Source: Employees of PT. Freeport.

Disposed: Voice of Wiyaimana Papua (SWP)